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Saddle Creek Records - an Omaha, NE label.
Sceneville Records - (also Pulstrak Records)
Skanky 'Lil Music - Managing and booking agency and record label specializing in ska and alternative.
Skullr Records - Orange county CA based indie.
S.E. Records
Seventh Records - Christian Vander Magma's record company.
Shadow Veil Records - An Alaska based record company featuring a neo-classical rock act.
Shane Records - An indie label with some very good vocalists.
Sharkarts Records - UK based Label Company specializes in dance music.
Shop Records - Americana and Traditional artists.
Shut Eye Records - Indie Pop since 1996.
Side One Dummy Records - L.A. based indie.
Side Seven Records
Silver Dragon Records - Houston, TX based alt rock, progressive, metal indie.
Skate Dance Records - A NYC based label specializing in Roller Rink music.
Skunk Records
Sling Slang Records - An independent record label from Southington Connecticut
Slumberland Records
SMP Records - Elizabeth New Jersey indie.
Snyper Records - indie.
Sony Music
Sorted Records - Leicester, England based indie.
Southern Vibe Records - Rap record label based out of Houston, Texas.
Sound Gems
Sounds Unique - A UK Funk/Disco House Label
Sparrow Label Group
Spectra Records - South Carolina, US record company.
Spooky Records - Australian record company.
Spitfire Records - A division of Eagle Rock Entertainment.
Stride Records
Studiomen - Nashville recording studio
Square Ball Records
Sub:Marine Records
Sub Pop
SugaKane Records - East Indian influenced Hip Hop Beats. Started by Panjabi MC.
Sugar Shed - Wes Chapmon's N.H. based studio and home of Nouveau Records.
Superbad Records
Surgeland Records - Sergi Entertainment Group

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